O Top Band, Where Art Thou?

I worked 2 new ones in September and October and one new one in November, so 5 since the Autumn Equinox, bringing me up to 91. But now, there just doesn’t seem to be anything listed in the ADXO list that looks promising until 3Y0Z. XW4ZW is there now, but even while I could hear a JA, no XW4ZW. I have worked a few other nearby entities there on Top Band, but maybe there is something to a thing I heard on the ON4KST Chat – something about the “December Doldrums”.

We did have a couple of really bad weeks propagation wise, but the solar noise seemed to go away the last week or so.

Who knows – it seems when I get excited for new possibilities, nothing happens, and then out of the blue, bingo. I still have enough “garden variety” entities between the Caribbean and OC-PAC and Asia that it will happen, and soon enough.

Part of me wants to get it over with, part of me asks “Whats the rush” . . .

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