Please Consider a Nice Donation to 3Y0Z!

I just upped my 3Y0Z donation to $250 US. After working on VK0EK, I understand all of the details of running such a project – I was involved in helping build the team, fund raising, equipment procurement, building bits and bobs, setting up the technology and logistics.

This is an absolutely EPIC project by a team I very much admire – with expert principles involved. The cost of the helicopters is very high – and to ensure they are able to deploy all of the gear requires many trips – and they are making a plea for additional support. That request resonated with me – it would be sad if they ha to economize on getting equipment to the island – so please join me in giving a little more.

Think about the many DXpeditions that this team has put on – and please consider upping your donation as I have. This team has given me so many great DX-ing memories – I may only be 2 away from having worked them all – but I’m going out with a bang, and part of this will be getting to one last one to go after 3Y0Z.

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