Updated KY6R Switched Matching Circuit

Per Ed, AG6CX’s suggestion, I’ve moved the 1:1 current choke so its the input for all paths in the switched circuit. Another 1:1 current choke should be added behind the tuner. It simplifies the circuit – two relays can be eliminated. The main thing I wanted was to make sure there are never two incoming feeds attached to the vertical and ground at the same time. In fact, since I want just the 1:1 current choke to be the “default”, I can arrange the voltage to the coils so that the switches in their “HI” positions basically do nothing but look cool at the remote box. When the LO switch is in the down position, then voltage is applied and directed using the Ameritron RCS-4V (hacked) rotary switch.

Right now – the only thing in this box is the 1:1 current choke. There is just the right amount room to add in the 3 additional Balun Designs transformers plus 6 Deltrol relays. Ed reminded me of a circuit designed by Phil Salas, AD5X, where he built the equivalent of all of this in this ARRL QST article:




Phil’s article is for a 41′ vertical, but I expect that even with the extra wire at the top for the Inverted L that it would work just fine – or could be tweaked slightly (maybe I wouldn’t need quite as many turns). Ed also sent a few articles on using a shunt coil and matching coax stubs – which all achieve the same result. (Thanks Ed!)

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