3Y0Z and 17 Meters

I’m having a lot of fun dreaming about working 3Y0Z. Its next to the last entity I need to work them all – but I am not feeling bittersweet at all – I say “bring it”. I will be relieved when I work them all, but the one thing that DXCC Top of Honor Roll offers is  a way to “collect them all”. Its funny how places in the world become like a baseball card collection – or a stamp collection, but I digress.

17 Meters I feel is going to be a very important band for the West Coast, and I just happen to have 2 trees which let me orient my Extended Double Zepp perfectly at 130 degrees. One of the things I could do is build a simple dipole with a couple Cabellas Crappie poles and wire – and just hang it below my 2 element yagi on the push up mast, but instead, I will use the EDZ.

As you can see – even with just a ladder line fed doublet, I get 2 dB gain over a dipole. Im guessing I’m not getting  that third dB gain because I haven’t modeled the feedline. Besides 17M, I get a horizontal antenna on 40M, and one that can be used on 17 – 10M with a tuner easily – although I expect 15M to be the highest open band.

I’m dreaming of S7 – S8 signals on 17M from 3Y0Z and having 3 – 4 bands simultaneously workable at our West Coast Sunset. My goal is just one band and mode, with one insurance contact, but since I’ve waited since VK0EK for an ATNO, I will work them wherever I can.


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