3Y0Z and Antenna Preparation Work

The wire antenna killer!

I have three antenna projects to complete before 3Y0Z fires up at the end of January. Gee – I have 6 weeks left to wrap this up – plenty of time, but they will be on the air before you know it. Here are the projects I will work on:

  1. Relay switched UNUN circuit for the Inverted L
  2. Raise 20M home brewed yagi to 40 – something feet
  3. Put up 17M Extended Double Zepp

West Mountain Radio has a nice Extended Double Zepp Calculator on their web site:


I happen to have the week off between Christmas and New Years, so that will be a week where I practice using my new “Air Boss” Pneumatic antenna launcher. I’d put the 17M Extended Double Zepp up sooner, but the squirrels always eat the rope and bring the wire antennas down. The last weekend for antenna work in my estimation is January 13 – 14. Weather will guide me for sure.

I’m not sure if I will actually build the “true” EDZ or just go with the ladder line fed doublet and tuner as the solution. I do think the feed would add up to 1 dB gain, but it seems like a lot more hassle than its worth for a temporary antenna.

Once 3Y0Z is over, the EDZ comes down and the 20M morphs into a 30M Moxon.

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