When All Else Fails, Ask Santa

Dear Iron Santa,

Please send me some 160M new ones. Its getting mighty boring in my ham radio shack these days. I have been good all year.




2 Comments on “When All Else Fails, Ask Santa

  1. Rich,

    I feel for you, my friend. You’ve put so much effort into your antenna farm and now I’m sure you’re waiting to be “rewarded” for your extra-good behavior this year.

    I’m learning how fickle 160 can be. The other night (December 5), I worked four new countries on 160 in one evening, all on FT8. Watching the WSJT-X screen was so exciting to see so many Europeans with good signals. I worked OE, HB9, HB0, and I, one right after the other. Funny thing was, it was well after dark here (around 11pm) and nowhere near sunrise there, so there was no greyline enhancement. I haven’t figured out 160 propagation yet.

    I was hoping for a repeat performance on a subsequent evening but the band has been dead for days now.

    During the month of November I worked seven new entities on 160, all but one from Europe, the other being J5. With three weeks remaining, I have so far worked 26 new countries in 2017 on 160, which bests my former record of 16 in one year in 2016. I’ve made no changes to my antennas but I did add a used Alpha 78 to my station in October. 13 of the 26 new countries this year were worked with the amplifier on, either running a KW on CW or about 400 watts on FT8. QRO is my friend on 160, for sure.

    I made over 500 Q’s in the ARRL 160 CW contest but ran barefoot, so it was really a domestic contest for me. I didn’t work much DX and no new countries. There is hope yet with the upcoming Stew Perry TBC contest which focuses more on DX.

    I was really hoping to work HC8 on 160 but it turns out it was primarily an SSB expedition. WTH? I look forward to bagging CE0Y and VP6/D in 2018, among others. I don’t have any reason to believe I’ll be rewarded with a 3Y0Z Q on 160 but I’ll certainly try. There’s also CQ WW 160 CW which is a true DX contest, unlike ARRL 160. Maybe I’ll bag a few new ones then.

    Even if I repeat my success next year with 26 more countries I’ll still be a few short of DXCC but I made major strides this year!

    Good luck with the last few you need to get over the hump. Best wishes for 2018, Rich.

    73, Tom

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    • Thanks Tom, and congrats on your progress. Having been WA2QHN growing up, I know how different the East and West Coast is, and watching the spots, I’m envious of parts in between.

      If course, we get some unique opportunities here, like VK0EK and FT5ZM on 160, both just barely after sun up.

      My QTH is not very good, but it adds a challenge and makes the wins that much sweeter when they happen.

      Happy Holidays to you and yours, and best DX in 2018


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