V51B S9 +10 – With Glancing Solar Storm

Conditions tonight are noisier than normal, there was a glancing blow from a solar storm so there was some noise but Andre was very loud on 40M. He is the same distance as Bouvet and very much “close enough” path wise.

Its encouraging because tonight on just about all bands there is a noticeable solar disruption, and I have been worried a bit about solar storms for 3Y0Z, but this path is just so strong to the West Coast, and I mean every day of the year it seems.

By far, 40M is my favorite band – it consistently delivers like no other band does. I thought I would love 160M, but its starting to get tedious – mainly because there just isn’t much variety due to the small number of people who are on Top Band. At this point, I can’t wait to finish DXCC there – but when I get frustrated with Top Band 40M delivers big time and keeps me turning on the radio.


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