Make America Sane Again

I’ve witnessed three pathological narcissists “hold court” for far too long and then, as these people always seem to do – implode under their own weight. Its agonizing to watch – about along the lines of the infamous OJ Simpson slow speed White Bronco chase.

Yesterday’s news gives me the first hope in a year that the tide is about to change in a yuge bigly way, and that sanity will again be fashionable in America.

At least I sure hope so.


4 Comments on “Make America Sane Again

  1. I stepped off the bus in a sleepy, dusty town in Laos, fully expecting that when I found some WiFi, my worst fears would be confirmed. What a pleasant surprise! But I do not share your optimism. “Didn’t elect a slavery-nostalgic homophobic child molester” is such a low bar, and it’s telling that we all expected to fall short of even that.

    I’m still proceeding with my plan that we discussed. But I hope you’re right and I’m wrong.


    • My hope isn’t because of the election but from women who are standing up and saying “enough is enough”. The Gillibrand episode and the turnout of black women who basically made all the difference in the world on one day was very hopeful. I hope I am right in that we finally hit bottom and now will recover. Its been the worst political year of my life – I truly believed that our democracy was dead. Now – about the next fiasco – where Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security will be robbed to pay for the Tax Break for the Rich – in the biggest heist and sham the US has ever seen – that will trigger some serious protest.

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      • Yeah, and I’ve read that under the current proposals, my taxes will immediately go UP! Gee, what a swell deal. Nothing warms the heart like the prospect of paying more to have the safety net shredded in your face.


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