160M #92: JG8NQJ/JD1 – Minami Torishima

This one was so ESP, I can only hope I end up in his log. This is one of those where you always hear the CQ, part of his call and a fade happens in and around the return. You hear the right “cadence”, but its not the most solid QSO’s. But this is part of Top Band.

He is there for a few more days and while I can hear JA’s almost every morning on TB, this fellow is rumored to be running 50W to a low dipole.

I will keep trying with the hope I get a more solid QSO. But at this point – I just want to get to 100, so if its a “Forest Gump QSO” I’ll take it! K7ZV did hear my QSO, so there’s that anyway.

2 Comments on “160M #92: JG8NQJ/JD1 – Minami Torishima

  1. Congratulations, Rich! I hope it holds up and you get an LOTW (or QSL) confirmation.

    I’m quickly discovering that FT8 is a game-changer on 160. I routinely monitor DX spots on the cluster for 160 meters and have been seeing more and more spots on 1840, which implies FT8. On any given night you can scan the band and hear next to nothing on CW, and if you do hear some DX, a simplex pileup usually ensues rather quickly. If you’re already in the chair and in the right place at the right time, you might get lucky, but generally S/N is very low and chances of breaking a pileup are slim, for me anyway.

    FT8 is a completely different story. First, I think there is still relatively few (not for long!) who are equipped and experienced with the mode. Next, the S/N ratio can be so much lower and still be “legible” to the decoder. Third, it’s where all the DX is hanging out! On many nights I’ll see a bunch of European countries on FT8, and they’re fairly easy to work, if you know the tricks.

    I’m not saying that FT8 will displace other modes as the most effective for mass appeal or for a DXpedition, however, for achieving DXCC on 160, FT8 cannot be overlooked!

    Isn’t it fun to live in an era where new technologies (in this case software) are being developed that transform the hobby and turn everything upside-down? Maybe someday your grandchildren will be reading a historical novel about the life and times of Joe Taylor, K1JT; another in a series of “pioneers” like Carrington and Morse.

    73, Tom


    • I agree – FT8 is a game changer on 160M, and I bet the new ARRL grid activity in 2018 will be a superb way to go.


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