2018: My Year of Telegraphy

Cool items for a shadowbox that I will be putting together to kick the new year off right . . . 

2016 was my “Year of the Low band Receive Antenna”. 2017 was my “Year of Ham Meets Maker”. Inspired by a very interesting biography on Samuel FB Morse, and the pivotal role Telegraphy played in history, I’m calling 2018 “Year of Telegraphy”.

Sure, I will continue to work whatever I can on Top Band, and also hope to work 3Y0Z, and sure, I’ll putter around with antennas and electronic circuits, but since my wife Kat found a great book on the work of mid 1800 solar scientists and physicists, I’ve been wanting to read biographical histories of the people who invented or discovered things that we now take for granted in the modern world.

I will also combine this with the socio – economic aspects of how early technology shaped and formed the world as we know it today. I feel looking back will give a better perspective on where we might be headed. I have already found some things in the Morse biography where there were parallels to some of the craziness we have experienced politically in 2017, so in a way its a source of comfort.


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