KY6R Inverted L Switched Transformer Match

I’m very pleased to have it all wired and working. My original plans did have a logic – wiring bug – the first relay really needed to be in a default NC mode (no power), and I needed a third voltage line to activate it to be in the 1:1 current choke – or direct feed to antenna mode. I tried to get away with 2 positive wires plus ground but that was wrong.

and the control box:

I’ll just need to fashion an antenna and ground “bus” out in the box and basically screw this plywood “breadboard” circuit into its home first thing Saturday morning.

The big test is to see if this circuit obviates the need for the Palstar AT2K. My gut feeling says maybe – it all depends on how broad  banded the transformers are. My theory is that I will be in the ballpark on all bands to make the SPE Exper 1.3 FK’s insternal ATU happy on the narrower bands, or at least within a segment of each band. I think I will need the AT2K tuner for “band excursions” – like going from the low CW end to a high SSB end on bands like 80 and 40.

Word to the wise – ALWAYS use spade lugs that are crimped and soldered for wiring relays – you will save your self a lot of hassle!

2 Comments on “KY6R Inverted L Switched Transformer Match

    • Thanks Ed. Every step is a learning experience. I really like a switched solution a lot better than using a stepper motor – but this experiment will be put to the test tomorrow.


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