3Y0Z – 80 and 30M

With the additional 10′ that I added to my Inverted L – it now looks like this bizarre contraption. Nevermind – it works just fine!

I’ll replace one of the UNUN’s with a tuned circuit for 75 and or 80M

It will be a cloud warmer on 80M, but I feel you need all of the low bands if you want a better chance at 3Y0Z. I’ll have this antenna for 160, 80 and 30M, my 2 element phased array for 40M, my 2 element 20M yagi up 40+ feet and an extended double zepp up 50′

K6TU propagation prediction for 80M

While I don’t expect to work them on 80 or 160M, I also did not expect to work FT5ZM or VK0EK on the low bands, and I am darn glad I had the antennas for those bands – because to my great surprise, I worked them.

On 30M I have an “accidental” 30M phased array!

By working on this 80M matching problem and getting the antenna resonant on 160 and 30M, 30M benefits the most. This weird Z antenna now looks just like a 30M Half Square(++) as the two vertical parts are 1/2 wl apart and the “reflector” is 41 feet and the director is shorter by enough to give gain and directivity. And this two element vertical wire phased array is pointed right at Bouvet!

30M is not predicted to be great but for a small sliver of time. I think it will do better – I don’t believe this prediction. In fact, my money is on 40, 30 and 20M, and maybe 17M for the West Coast. 15M might surprise, but with zero sunspots and solar storms, I say 40, 30 and 20M are going to really shine for the West Coast and at our Sunset.

I’ll have gain and directivity on 40, 30, 20 and 17M – with at least 3 dB gain on all of these bands. Plus just about the max power allowed, and I am feeling really good about my prospects to get me to one away from Top of Honor Roll!

And I have 11 days off starting this Friday – and we have had the best weather for antenna experimenting this Fall and now almost Winter.



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