2017 Wrap Up: DXCC Most Wanted

Clublog’s Most Wanted List for December, 2017 and End of the Year

I was very pleased to see Heard Island drop all the way down to #29 now – I have been hoping it dropped to somewhere in the 30’s, and it looks like that will happen soon.

I only need #2 – Bouvet, and hope in about 1 months time that I can say I only have one last one to go – Glorioso, which is #12.

Its really funny, but the Top 10 Most Wanted list all of a sudden looks boring to me – it used to be a source of excitement and motivation. Lucky me – I have new interests and paths in this vast hobby of Amateur Radio – I am by no means bored nor do I feel I will ever get to the point where there is nothing left to do.

It will always depend on how far out of my “comfort zone” I want to go.

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