80M LC Circuit Added

The 80M circuit is now in Position 1, 30M is Position 2, and 160M is Position 3.

I no longer need the Palstar AT2K – the SPE ATU can now handle 160, 80, 40, 30, 20M with the Inverted L. However, I’ll leave it inline just in case – I might want to use the Inverted L on another band when 3Y0Z fires up – the higher bands would need a tuner. But my 17M Extended Double Zepp will be a better antenna for the high bands.

The biggest lesson learned is that a 160M antenna can easily become a great 30M antenna, but 80M is a much different story. As it is, I have to work at reduced power on 80M – because while it does work at full power, I can see that its a struggle. 500 watts is no problem, and since I only ever use it for a nightly net, it will be just fine. I should add a separate wire at the top of the vertical in the future like the Battle Creek Special does – so I will have more bandwidth on 75 and 80M.


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