17M Line Launch for 3Y0Z Using the Air Boss

A 17M Extended Double Zepp (EDZ) up 60′ is a superb antenna. It also is  decent 40M antenna (its a half wave 40M dipole):

and 20M:

and 15M:

and even 30M:

I had so much fun today launching lines over the trees for my 17M EDZ / 40M half wave dipole that I forgot lunch.

This is one superb piece of gear – the Air Boss:


Superb price and superb shipping and design. I couldn’t believe how accurate I was from the first shot onward.

The only thing I would recommend is that you pick a heavier duty spinning reel and line than I did. I purchased a Shakespeare Alpha that only came with 2 pound test. I recommend something much stronger – that thin line was fine for one tree but kept snapping when pulling a rope up in another. I’ve ordered a Penn Pursuit II with 20lb power braid fishing line. It will be a major improvement, I’m sure.

Hey – this single high ladder line fed “doublet” is going to be even more of a help to work 3Y0Z than I expected – and I am pleased that I am working on this this week when I have off – you never know – it might start raining again one of these days . . . . none is forecasted for my entire vacation – so its time to make hay while the sun shines!


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