My Post 3Y0Z Antenna Farm: Two Dipoles?

New antenna layout – post 3Y0Z

Right now I have an Inverted L for 160 and 80, and phased vertical array for 40 and a 2 element home brewed yagi for 20M. I’m putting up an Extended Double Zepp for 17M up 60′. Its a great antenna on several bands, and can be turned into a T Marconi top hatted vertical with this simple switching circuit:

Switching for doublet / Marconi T vertical

I have not done this before because:

  1. Squirrels always ate my rope
  2. The neighbors tree is nearing its end of life – but I have been saying this for years
  3. I couldn’t get the antenna high enough

With the Air Boss – and this “wire rope” (vinyl covered steel stranded but flexible):

Wire Rope

I can get antenna up much higher and the the little bastards can’t eat through the guy rope as they did the Dacron rope.

The 17M EDZ is a GREAT antenna on 40 – 15M and a decent 160 / 80M top hatted vertical

After 3Y0Z I might just have two of these ladder line fed dipoles plus the 2 element 20M yagi. This is because using the one in the back fed against my radials would be the same as my vertical now – in fact better because it would have a balanced hat. Last year I tried a 60′ vertical but it bent in semi strong winds. With the Air Boss – I can quickly and easily fix wire antennas, and with the wire rope I suspect they would stay up a long time.

The biggest deciding point will be 40M. If the 17M EDZ – which is a half wave 40M dipole up 60′ out performs the DXE 40M vertical array – then the decision will be made for me. 2018 will have half the sunspots as 2017, so I expect we will start seeing that 20M and above will stink – and for years. Sure – there will be the occasional opening, but I really feel that 3Y0Z will be “closing out” Cycle 24 as far as any really decent openings go. The caveat is that we don’t get blasted by solar storms and that the team can land and get all that gear on the glacier safely.

The Low Bands will get much better as the solar storms and Aurora’s fade.

I’ll be able to do a lot of A-B testing, and even while I am on this holiday break, and will report back.

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