17M EDZ Up 60′

Initial tests show that a simple 40M ladder line fed doublet (that is an EDZ on 17M) really works great on 15M, 17M, 30M and 40M. It also works very well on 20M, but the 2 element yagi – even in its retracted state out performs the doublet by its designed 4 dB.

The big test is how a 40M doublet up a half wave performs vs. a 2 element phased vertical array – and given that the phasing is a commercial unit – the DXE DV-40-P, which is a great reference as compared to other home brewed phasing methods – such as the Christman – where the home brewer can make mistakes.

At sunset, and with C5, the phased array and doublet are neck and neck . . . its funny, just before sunset the doublet seemed better, and after, the phased verticals. That makes sense, actually – during the grey line the angles are higher – and my 40M Doublet (EDZ on 17M) is on the low side, meaning higher angles. Then after sunset – the angles drop.

ZS6CCY is my short path “beacon” and Bill helps me figure which antenna is best for ZS – which is “close enough” to 3Y0Z. The winner on 40M? The phased verticals.

Its interesting – my 20M yagi and 40M phased verticals are still my best on those bands. However, 17M and 15M the EDZ rocks. It will be interesting to see what happens with further testing . . .



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