3Y0Z and 17M – I’ll be Competitive There!

I didn’t see much on 15M just now – but 17M is humming, and LU’s are strong and give some indication of the band just before our sunset.

The West Coast will have a very strong “pipeline” to 3Y0Z.

The opening on 17M will be pretty short, but very strong. Having almost 3 dB gain and 1.2KW should do the trick.

I am sure I will be thanking myself in a month from now that I went to the trouble to get the Air Boss and get something decent on 17M. The judge is out on 15M – I have a good antenna, but I’m not sure the band will be open.

I’m equally or even better set up on 20 and 40M, and I expect that they will be THE best bands from the West Coast. 30M is a big question, but I’ll bet it comes through for us on the West Coast.

But look at how the West Coast gets a real spotlight on 17M at our sunset – pretty darned awesome!

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