Hats Off to DX Engineering for the DV-40-P

The DX Engineering DV-40-P is by far the best antenna system that I have ever had.

While I previously thought the N6BT DXU-32 was my all time favorite antenna (3 elements on 20M and 2 shorty elements on 40M), when you factor in the cost of the antenna and then the support required for the 24′ boom yagi, there is no comparison. The N6BT DXU-32 plus a tower is more than 4 times the cost of the phased array, and that was me getting a killer deal on the N6BT and buying a used AB-577 military mast, which I actually think I was crazy to use with the N6BT 24′ and heavy antenna. I did not realize how crazy that was until I took the antenna down by myself and found even just the boom seemed too heavy for that mast. I had checked with a tower expert who said the AB-577 would be fine (and it was up for 2 years), but I would no longer recommend such a light weight tower for that antenna.

40M is by far my favorite band. It is the only band that delivers DX and even Rare DX throughout the Solar Cycle. And throughout each day the band “plays” like this:

  1. ZS on the morning Long Path
  2. The band shortens up but I can hear all hams in the Western States all day long – so its even interesting when the band is short
  3. ZS on the Short Path at night

The band is open before sunset and after sunrise for hours – its the only band that is open for DX for so many hours and throughout the year and throughout the cycle. If I had to decide on only one antenna system and one band, the DV-40-P would be it – hands down.

I had been successful with using an Array Solutions StackMatch II plus Christman phasing lines, but it required T and L coax connectors and an extra delay line, and all of that is handled in the DV-40-P for you. You just need the two coax lines to the verticals, the coax to the shack and the control line. Simple and very effective.

The biggest reason for my change in heart regarding my favorite antenna is that I now can A-B test the DV-40-P against a 40M doublet up 60′ – which is higher than when I had the DXU-32 up. I am sure that the phased array is better than a dipole, and so close to the “shorty 40” yagi that the cost – benefit and ease of maintenance makes the choice very easy in favor of the phased array.

I’m at an age where antenna maintenance is best done on the ground, so the phased array is perfect in that regard too.

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