2017 Top Band: Last Call – Stew Perry!

My 91st and 92nd Top Band QSL cards are in the mail. (Oddly enough, both of these ops only send hard cards via direct snail mail).

My last chance at a Last Call to try to at least get to 93 or 94 tonight and tomorrow morning is the Big Stew – The Stew Perry 160M contest. Its 24 hours starting at 1500z – meaning just after our sunrise – but EU’s sunset. My best chance for a new one will be to work Vadym, UT6UD on PJ7 and any other “surprises” out there. Boy, I’d love to get to 95, but working 3 ATNO’s in the next day or so would take some supreme luck.

Right now I have only added 8 this past year, but if I do as well this year, I’ll hit 100 and DXCC on Top Band by the end of 2018. I’m just not a big gun on 160M, and suspect my QTH surrounded by hills means if its not high angle – I won’t hear them. I still have only ever heard one EU – Wolf from DL land. Here are some DXpeditions or single op activations that I need happening in 2018 that I should be able to work:

  1. KH1
  2. VP6/D
  3. CY9C
  4. P29
  5. PJ7

There are others like 3Y0Z, and we will have a pipeline there on the higher bands, but like FT5ZM and VK0EK, it would be a Festivus Miracle if I were to work them. I do think I can get to DXCC in 2018.

The best news is that the band should start getting better since the sunspot number is predicted to be half of what we have had in 2017 – hopefully that means fewer disturbances and less noise.

We shall see . . .

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