2018: Bring It!

I’m now ready for 3Y0Z, and I start the new year needing only 7 more on 160M for DXCC and 9BDXCC. 

I’m finishing the year on a great note – I took care of several things around the house that needed attention, and enjoying fixing stuff and had some time for hobby stuff and reading too.

I have great work at Credit Karma to look forward to and of course 3Y0Z is the biggie DX wise.

Except for politics, which was the worst year ever in my lifetime, 2017 was a very good year for me and my family.

2 Comments on “2018: Bring It!

  1. I want to get out and continue working on my “antenna farm” but it’s currently 25 degrees here and getting colder, with a wind chill dipping down towards zero. Tomorrow is supposed to be colder still. I want to get a beverage up for 160 but I think I’ll favor a heated beverage and a nice fire today instead. And probably tomorrow too. Happy New Year!


    • HNY – its been a very productive week here – both in terms of cleaning and arranging my work shop, the bike / kayak shed and doing ham stuff. I have no idea where I got the motivation, but its been a great “stay-cation” . . .


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