A Very 40M New Year

Stats from Solarham.com

I heard both Italy and South Africa this morning with solid 59 signals on the doublet on the Long Path. I will start monitoring the late afternoon / early evening path to South America and South Africa starting tonight.

One thing that has been fantastic is how quiet the bands have been – but as you can see, we are probably in for a disturbance soon. But in the last days and this morning, both 160 and 40M have been fantastic and a lot of fun. My 40M capabilities are much better than 160 – and I am sure its a function of the hills around me. While I am “intrigued” by 160M, 40M is by far my favorite. Its the band that keeps me in the game for sure. 2018 is predicted to have half the sunspots, but as you can see this morning, we are working the world on the Long Path with Zero Sunspots, and A of 4 and K of 2, which is really great.

Its funny, I’m checking the signal to noise ratio between the phased vertical array and the doublet, and with no signal on frequency, the noise is S3 on the phased vertical array and S6 on the doublet. This means I was fooling myself that the doublet was better than the vertical array because of the noise, not the signal.

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