2018: The Year of Karma

I’ve brought up the topic of Karma often. “What goes around, comes around” and other expressions express the main idea of Karma.

Today we have Steve Bannon claiming that Trump Jr. and son in law Kushner committed treason. Forget about politics. Here is a situation where you have had many people breaking the law one way or another – with a seemingly endless flow of tweets and infighting between the very parties suspected of breaking the law. Talk about “loose lips”. The phrase that first came to mind was “Crime does not pay”.

Because the main perpetrators are New Yorkers, I had a flashback image of “Dog Day Afternoon”. The hostages are the American Middle Class. But in this case, the bank is not empty. It is a media and social media side show of epic proportions. It just feels like the main characters of this plot are going to completely and totally implode, perhaps with little help from outside of their own self imposed little silver spoon world.

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