On The Path to 3Y0Z: RI50ANO

This is one of my favorite paths, and its on the way to 3Y0Z. In fact, its only 2000 miles farther to 3Y0Z – and this is South Shetland Islands. The path is so good, I easily worked South Shetlands on 160M. All other bands were a cake walk.

Come to think of it, all of the VP8’s were easy.

I’m hearing them about the same on both the phased vertical array and the 40M doublet / 17M EDZ. And both are a solid S7.

This clearly in the range of the 3Y0Z prediction. I will check it again in an hour when 3Y0Z is predicted to be about S8 at my QTH, but its all adds up even one hour earlier.

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