The Path to 9BDXCC …

I need 7 more to make DXCC on Top Band and also get my 160M 5BDXCC endorsement. Where are the likely QSOs going to come from?

Announced DXpeditions:

  1. Bouvet
  2. Baker
  3. Ducie
  4. Palau
  5. St. Kitts
  6. St. Paul

DX Contests (actually the before and after weeks):

  1. I can’t list anything as the ADXO is about as skimpy as I’ve ever seen it regarding announced contest stations – and 160M is a no show. The list will fill in soon though

Caribbean, Central American and OC surprises. Some north easterners will travel to places (to avoid “cabin fever”) that would be easy for me like FY, 9Y, OA, HP, HH, etc.

Africa – I’ve had about 4 African Q’s on 160.

Europe is least likely, but if it ever does open for me, I could clinch this fast.

I’m very confident I will make it by the time Ducie hits the air, perhaps sooner. That means by October of this year, I’m done with 9BDXCC and all I will need is Glorioso.

I’m very much long overdue for a “run” of luck on 160M. The past year seems like nothing but false starts and that working a new one on Top Band has been like walking with cement shoes. That bad luck streak will soon break me thinks and me hopes.

That will be very sweet.

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