40M Phased Vertical Array ~ 40M Half Wave Dipole

The N6BT DXU-32 …

I have had two occasions where I was able to test my fantastic 40M phased vertical array against other antennas. I say fantastic only because when you compare the height requirements and maintenance requirements, the phased array has tremendous bang for the buck.

The DXE DV-40-P …

First I compared it to the N6BT DXU-32, and the DXU-32 won by it’s 4 dBi advantage. A shorty 40 two element yagi is a formidable antenna even if only up 50′ as mine was.

But the tower and safety requirements for a 28 foot boom with two 42 foot element and three 36ish elements is a major undertaking compared to a phased vertical array.

I have also had two test periods comparing a 40M doublet with the phased array, and both times they were neck and neck. I could hear and work the same stations on the short path to ZS, but on the long path, the doublet did seem a bit better. I’ve tested all paths along the broadside of the doublet, whose orientation was dictated by what trees it’s in.

I tested the doublet against the end fire direction of the array, so that’s putting the arrays best foot forward so to speak.

Enter the Cushcraft D40. It is almost exactly the same as the N6BT DXU-32 driven element. I will add 30M to it, and it will be max 13 pounds.

This means I can actually use two of my superb Spiderbeam aluminum push-up masts and get the antenna up as high or higher than my N6BT DXU-32. That antenna was up only 50′, it would be simple to go 60′ with the D40.

Think about the value proposition here: you get the best part of the fixed phased array, but rotatable so that you don’t suffer the broadside dip you get gain wise in two directions with the phased array.

I’ve only ever had one 40M antenna up 60′ before. It was a 40M doublet that I used to work my last Honor Roll ATNO, SV2ASP/A for Mount Athos. That was New Year’s Eve, 2013, or yikes! 5 years ago.

Hmmmm the interesting thing is I made Honor Roll in 11 years and will be within one if Top of Honor Roll 5 years later, and again, I’m talking 40M doublet up 60′

Now I totally understand why both Tom, N6BT and Tom W8JI says that a dipole up 1/2 well in the clear is a great antenna.

Funny how I’m loving the rotatable 40 / 30M dipole right now.

3Y0Z will be hitting the airwaves with what I expect to be a truly historic DXpedition. The cost alone begs us to ask the question if this can ever be done this same way again. I tend to think in the future it will have to be done with the Norwegian Polar Institute team that goes there or some other science mission.

But for now, my only worry is working them and evolving the antenna farm past that DXpedition.


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