Post 3Y0Z Antenna Farm

OK – now I am getting very excited. First because in one month from now, I could very well have Bouvet in the bag and only need Glorioso. Second is because I have settled on my next antenna farm – a large part because I have had enough tests to see that the 40M doublet and DX Engineering DV-40-P Phased Array run neck and neck performance wise. The DV-40-P has done dual duty (as 40M antenna and 160M RX antenna).

The DV-40-P has been my RX antenna for 160M, and when I phase it against the Wellbrook loop in Diversity mode its the best RX antenna system I have had for RX. The Inverted L is all dialed in for 160 and 80. The Cushcraft D40 with my 30M mod up 50′ gives me all I need.

This plan improves my 160M RX (I have to switch manually when I want to use the DV-40-P s an RX antenna which sucks). I’ll have 160 – 30M which is all I need or want after 3Y0Z for this QTH. Even if they add Kosovo, no problem on 40 or 30M from here.

Its a plan – I’m already plnning post 3Y0Z – pretty funny!

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