3Y0Z: Potentially Good News – Propagation Wise

Solarham.com condition widget

In one full rotation of the sun in the northern hemisphere, we should have very good conditions for 3Y0Z. In the past week conditions on the Low Bands up through 17M have been quite good. 40M has been stellar, but even 160M has had far less noise than we did this past Fall.

Conditions should actually be much better than when VK0EK was on the air. This is because (for the West Coast) 3Y0Z is no where near the Aurora Australis:

With VK0EK, we had to traverse right through the Aurora Australis from the West Coast. This time we not only will have the same SSN, we will also have lower solar noise since we are now sliding down the cycle – and perhaps we are leaving behind the stormiest part of Cycle 24.

We also have the nightly grey line for all low bands – 160 – 30M should benefit:

The West Coast will have continuous competition from the East Coast and EU – as they have the N – S path, favored this time of the cycle. However, the SE path is good this time of the year, and when you combine that with the grey line – if the team has their antennas pointed for SA and the West Coast (and I have no doubt that they will), we should all do quite well.

Lets wish the team Godspeed and good weather. The weather on Bouvet will be the biggest issue no doubt – and I am thinking it will be a lot like 3Y0X, which ended up being very good for the West Coast.

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