Cushcraft D40 Plus 30M

After 3Y0Z my 2 element 20M yagi will be replaced by a Cushcraft D40 up 60′ and with a 30M wire added as a “fan dipole”. EZNec says keeping the wire spaced apart using the insulators I will be receiving today is fine. My model has the full sized dipole – so the coils might present some issues at the feed, but I actually expect it will be just a wire trimming exercise.

The patterns for both 40 and 30M look great, and so I look forward to the next phase in my antenna saga – which is the “almost done with DXCC” phase. Its “Post 3Y0Z” and perhaps only 7 QSO’s away from being completely done with DXCC.

It certainly wont be the end of DXing though – that’s for sure. 40M alone would keep me on the air, but I suspect while its like watching the grass grow – I’ll still be on 160M early mornings with coffee and 40M most other times. I do need to really try to get more into 30M.

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