3Y0Z (and 3G9A/MM): The Trip Begins!

Make sure to check the 3Y0Z web site and click on the “follow us” icon to track the teams progress as they travel to and from Bouvet . . . 

Hal Turley, W8HC has turned on a Garmin Inmarsat based GPS, and has left his home in West Virginia. I just re-read that the team will be meeting up for the beginning of the trip in Punta Arenas, Chile by tomorrow, January 10. WOW – I forgot about their lead time, and that we are already here right at the very first few steps towards 3Y0Z “on the road”.

I was very lucky in  the past to meet many of the team members – at Visalia, and then at Dayton last year when VK0EK received the DXpedition of the Year Award. I met Hal and Ralph for the first time, and had met many other team members – like Craig, K9CT (who went to college with one of my W2 land mentors) and who is my sisters neighbor near Peoria. I was able to meet Jerry and Val at the bar in Visalia a few years back, and quite a few other team members. I have kept in touch via email and so its even more fun having met some of the team this time around.

Between the holidays, preparing for 3Y0Z on my holiday week off and now recovering from the flu, its already one day before the team stages. They could arrive on or around January 23 – which is exactly 2 weeks from today. Their callsign en route is 3G9A/MM – so we can not only track them by satellite GPS – we can hear their signals on the MV Betanzos. I will be using a spreadsheet and VOACAP Online to chart band conditions and compare predictions with actual on air data – their /MM signals as well as the paths to ZS and LU/CE.

After VK0EK, this is the DXpedition that I have donated the most to. While I do very much worry about the cost as high as this one is – I am also thankful the organizers and entire team is as dedicated to do the “impossible”. I have a much closer understanding now that I have VK0EK under my belt, and I have a higher level of appreciation than I ever have for a DXpedition in the past.

I’ll be “cheerleading” and wishing the team Godspeed and a safe and productive trip. Its a great team who I have all the confidence in the world in.

Can you imagine this could even be better than FT5ZM? C’est possible, es Bonne Chance!

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