Ham Goodies on the Way

Right after 3Y0Z I will turn the phased 40M array into a dedicated RX antenna – especially for 160M.

After 3Y0Z I will replace the 2 element 20M yagi with this antenna. I will do a few mods – one is to build a couple “air coils” with old HF2V coil stock that I have, and also add 30M. I looked at the Optibeam 30/40M rotatable dipole, but found I could do this same thing for 1/2 the price.

The good news is that while I will have to wait a month before I can make these station changes, I can spend the weekends leading up to 3Y0Z preparing for the post 3Y0Z work. I will literally do the swap the weekend after 3Y0Z shuts down.

I have a 3 day weekend this coming weekend, and the weather looks great – in the 60s and sunny.

I’m so glad I spent the holiday week I had off working on 3Y0Z antennas and cleaning up the work shop and kayak / bike shack. I also sold two kayaks and a bike and several pieces of ham gear that was unused and in a closet. A VERY productive week. I kept thinking “better do this now – you never know – it could start raining (we have been tending towards drought lately again), and I also thought “what if youget sick”.

Literally as soon as that work was done – it started raining like crazy and I got a bad chest cold / flu.

I feel like, really smart!

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