KY6R Upgraded RX Antennas

Tomorrow at this time I will be listening to two phased active loops – one the superb Wellbrook ALA1530LNP, the the second, something I just have to try – the MFJ-1886. The MFJ just happens to be an open box special at HRO Oakland. Because its $50 off and has a full warranty, and because I won’t have to pay the additional drop shipping charge from MFJ, this was too good an offer to pass up.

I will report back on how the MFJ compares with the Wellbrook. If it is even “close” it will be a big success and worth the low risk and low cost gamble.

Right now I use the Wellbrook and the Inverted L in the Elecraft K3’s “dual diversity” mode. I expect that phased two loops on top of that will be even better, and the fact that each loop has a preamp at the antenna and that each has a rotator, there are many ways to eliminate noise and enhance signal.

I’ve done testing in the past with passive loops and also a passive “double K6SE Loop” and they worked well through the NCC-2 – but this should be quite a bit better based on my Wellbrook experience. The Wellbrook is heads and shoulders above a passive home brewed RX loop.

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