Phasing Two Active Loops for 160M RX

One active magnetic loop has an RDF of about 4 dB, which is not that great. On the air however, I find that my Wellbrook ALA1530LNP loop works well when used in the K3’s diversity reception mode. It is a bi directional antenna:

The side nulls are actually quite useful. So, how can we greatly improve on this simple and easy to install antenna?

Phase Two of them with a DX Engineering NCC-2!

The RDF jumps to 8.88 dB RDF, whih is better than a K9AY Loop. You also get a K9AY like pattern, but unlike the K9AY – you can electrically phase the two antennas and electrically “steer” them, and on top of that, you can mechanically steer them using the two rotators that these loops are on.

Think about it. If you live in the suburbs with neighbors that have noisy gear – or you have noisy gear in your house, you want to try to notch the noise out by steering the nulls toward the noise source. This phased active loop arrangement should work really well, and later today I will know for sure.

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