Best 160M RX Solution Yet . . .

Phasing two active loops through the DX Engineering NCC-2 is a great Top Band RX solution for those who live on small lots in the suburbs.

My “previous best” solution was using the DX Engineering DV-40-P 40M phased array as a 160M RX antenna, but in the “both” mode, there was no directivity that I could tell. By having two active loops on rotators and even at different heights – I have something far more flexible, and doing A-B tests, I can “shape” the noise and signal and rotate both antennas to eek more signal out of the noise than I could with the DV-40-P.

On top of that, by using the K3’s Diversity RX mode, I mix in my transmit Inverted L on top of these two phased antennas and it sounds like “multi-aural” stereo. By that I mean signals sound like they are almost “3D”. It feels like I can separate and shift the noise away from the signal.

I had tried this before with two and even three home brewed loops, but they were just OK – they didn’t deliver the goods. They were diamond shape and made of coax. I even tried adding W7IUV preamps, but they didn’t impress me. It seems like the round aluminum loops are better. But now that I can A – B test the MFJ-1886 against the Welbrook ALA1530LNP, I can clearly see that the “magic” of the antenna is the Wellbrook amplifier. It is extremely low noise, and the signal boost is really something amazing.

I’m going to bet the active whips that DXE sells are also an excellent choice for the NCC-2. What is most impressive is how someone on a small lot can have a receiving solution that combats the noise and also delivers signal that is on par with a short beverage.

2 Comments on “Best 160M RX Solution Yet . . .

  1. I’ll be testing those DXE whips with your old NCC-2 soon. I’m also toying with buying an MFJ-1886 too. I’d like the Wellbrook but I wish they had a US distributor. Kind of a pain having to order them from Wales.


    • Andy at Wellbrook does a great job shipping to US. But it takes time. Faster than I expected.

      The Wellbrook stuff is potted, so it’s a replace it deal.

      The MFJ loop can easily be repaired if the preamp board went out. I think MFJ sells replacement parts too. This is one of MFJs best piece of gear


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