The Magic of Top Band DX

You just never know when you’ll work the next one on 160M. Mega DX-peditions sometimes do a pretty good job, but you can’t count on working the mega’s like you can on higher bands.

Marcus Island Mermaid

My (next to last) 160M new one was JD1/M – Minami Torishima, an old USCG and Japanese Loran station island.

Surprisingly, Minami Torishima is number 20 in the DXCC Most Wanted. On the West Coast we take it for granted, but the way to work it is to know when a technician is visiting from Japan who is also a ham.

I’ve missed some big announced DX-peditions like VK9MA on 160, but then work these more rare “sleeper” activations that are not widely advertised. I’m at 93 on 160M with Minami Torishima worked on December 14th and then I worked Vadym on St. Marten – PJ7, which is also semi rare on 160M December 31st. You just never know how its going to go. The ADXO list is devoid of 160M opportunities, but someone could fire up tonight and give me #94.

Such is the magic of Top Band . . .

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