3Y0Z West Coast Watch: The Big Flip!

OK, today I very clearly saw what I couldn’t all week because I literally got home from work just after 20M closed. That was a theory, and my idea about the “Cross Quarter Days” does in fact make a big difference.

Right now, the days in the Northern Hemisphere are getting longer, and at an accelerating pace. 

What I noticed is that TODAY, 20M had a superb peak that lasted up to 2 hours before the “official” sunset for my latitude. Then there was an almost instantaneous switch over to 40M where it was even stronger than the 20M opening. I suspect 30M also was in that change over, but there were no stations to prove that out.

My next theory is that over the next two weeks, as the team is en route, we pick up 1/2 hour sunlight. And we then pick up another half hour while they are there 

This means I expect that the West Coast will enjoy a better pre sunset 20M opening.

I also stick with my idea that 40 and 30M will be the best bands for the West Coast.

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