3G9A/MM – Your Best 3Y0Z Propagation Test!

The 3Y0Z Team is entering the open sea. They have started transmitting as 3G9A/MM.

Sure, they are barefoot running a Flex into a Hustler vertical, but that’s the point. If their signal is good from the boat, it should be better from the island, of course not today, but as they get closer. In any case, you will be able to chart when a band opens or closes, and if the propagation predictions are close to reality.

I found an Argentinian WebSDR that I can hear them on from work – but very weak. The real test will be an hour or two before the West Coast Sunset

Its a looooong way to Bouvet, but I am looking forward to listening to their signal along the way, and of course, especially as they get close to the island

Godspeed to the team!

UPDATE – they are 599 on 40M on both the vertical array and the doublet. This is just past the West Coast sunset. But they are at the bottom of LU and CE so it’s just way too early to tell what will happen.

I have a really weird idea that their signal will actually get stronger on 40 and 30M as they get closer based on my weeks of monitoring

2 Comments on “3G9A/MM – Your Best 3Y0Z Propagation Test!

    • I’m enjoying a fabulous Pinot so will wait, but hearing them this loud at 100 watts is great. HOWEVER, the game will change as they get closer in like 12 – 14 days


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