Kosovo to be Added to the DXCC List

It’s no surprise that Kosovo will soon be added to the DXCC List. Wayne, N7NG has a note on his DX University Web Site:


And the ARRL has been lobbied to add Kosovo for years. It required a DXCC Rules change, and it looks like that has now happened.

I started wondering if this affects other entities, so I put together a Google Sheet that you can view and play with:


I have the IARU, US State Department and Current DXCC lists there. The most obvious change is adding Kosovo. The harder part is sifting through grand fathered entities and islands covered under the distance rule. I think the “good work” is to see if there are any non – grand fathered entities that meet the distance rule but which re not IARU entities.

One could load this data into a relational database and add flag columns like grandfathered or distance and then write a SQL statement that compares lists and sees where there are differences. This would be a great job interview exercise for companies that give tests during interviews. It wouldn’t be as boring as the usual tests they give. Great for a Comp Sci major going to school too.

I’m too lazy – but if you do this – let me know what you find!

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