The International DX Challenge Cup (a proposal . . . . )

The problem with all of the current DX Awards and Operating Activities is they are in danger of becoming obsolete due to access and cost to activate the entities on their list. Some are also achievable (i.e. Top of Honor Roll) leaving the DXer with not many options to stay in the chase. Here is a proposal that addresses all of these issues – and more.

  1. Country List – ONLY real countries are on the list. No buildings or other weird “administrative entities”. The IARU List is what governs what will be on the list. Islands will have to be of some size and above all tides
  2. All possessions for a country are allowed – regardless of distance from mainland. Islands must be on the IOTA list though
  3. Activation’s can be made without stepping foot on land, but at least part of the Maidenhead Grid Square must have that country or island inside the square. Fixed, Portable, Marine Mobile are allowed, aircraft is not. There has to be electronic proof that all QSO’s were made within the grid square of that entity
  4. A weighted point system will be used. Entities where you land that are extremely difficult and costly to get to have the most points, and there are four tiers – Extreme, Moderate, Average and Remote. Only being on the actual entity is allowed in the Extreme category. Only excessively expensive and difficult entities get a Moderate weighting. Everything else is average. For example, Being on Bouvet is Extreme, being in a boat where a grid square includes a part of Bouvet is Moderate. Your score is based on the number of entities times the weighting factor
  5. There is a lifetime pursuit award with endorse-able levels and there is a yearly marathon like component – but its based on who improved the most against their lifetime pursuit
  6. Automated Remotes can be used, but they get the lowest weighting in the Remote class. If it turns out the playing field is way too much in favor of certain areas, then there could be a “leveling of the playing field” using a more elaborate weighting system – maybe have the classes plus zones

This combines the best of several of the most popular awards, and it doesn’t penalize young people just because they haven’t been in the game long enough. There are no Deleted’s, No Grandfathered. If an island sinks below the tide, you can work someone who is in a boat. Disputed entities including breakaways or reefs like Scarborough are not allowed – both because anything disputed is simply not eligible – this program eliminates politics.

There will be some way to collect money to pay for a bunch of Satellite devices that transmit data including longitude and latitude – so it can be proven that someone is actually where they say they are. If a governmental bureaucracy says “No Landing”, you can use a boat to enter its grid square. In fact, for Extreme class entities, you could have a ship that is going to an Extreme entity where they will land – enter the grid square of other rare entities, activate them from the ship and they get Moderate points. This solves both the access and cost problems because now one expensive DXpedition can provide many activations on one trip.

One thing that is odd with DXCC is how many times the rules were tweaked to change the list. This new award program prevents such gerrymandering as the list rules are unambiguous.

Yes, its a crazy idea, and it doesn’t work if there isn’t a 100% sure way to know someone is where they say they are – but I do believe the technology is there. I would rather have a satellite gps confirm that someone is where they say they are rather than submitting paperwork or going through Byzantine bureaucracy.

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