40M Antenna Directions, Pattern and Gain

The 3Y0Z beam heading is 130 degrees, which is where my doublet up 60′ is pointed. Its pattern is:

My DX Engineering DV-40-P is pointed NE – SW, and its pattern is:

WIth 3 dB gain in the NE and SW direction, and only 1 dB gain towards Bouvet. Interestingly, with the array switched to the NE position, ZS6CCY says my signal is 6 dB better on the vertical array over the doublet. It makes sense because the vertical array has a wide lobe that would cover the 90 degree direction to ZS:

For 3G9A/MM just past the Falklands, the doublet is noticeably better than the phased array.

I have a fun plan – I will try to work 3Y0Z on 20M and 17M first, then quickly take down the 2 element 20M yagi, and put up the Cushcraft D40 with the 30M add on. This way, I can do some great testing – I can see the limitations of the phased array and the fixed dipole. I kind of expect that because I can rotate the D40, it could end up being the only 40M antenna that I will need. In fact, I could even end up with just the 160/80M Inverted L and the 40/30M Cushcraft D40.

It will be great to do some serious A-B testing

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