Z60A Kosovo: A “Warm Up” for 3Y0Z?

It seems that Z60A will warm up the airwaves over the next couple of weeks and into the time 3Y0Z is on the air. It looks like February will be  block buster DX month after all.

I have been hearing ON4UN on 40M CW all Winter, so I know EU has been easy to work in the mornings. However, we are now entering the “cross quarter days”, and we should see 20M open up earlier in the morning and stay open longer in the evenings. I think 40, 30 and 20M should be good bands for all DX. And I think the polar disturbances are fewer than they were even just last Fall.

There will be plenty of opportunities to work Kosovo, pretty much any time

My only hope is that the pileups don’t collide with each other. 3Y0Z is an epic and ultra rare entity. Here’s a funny thought – some will be more interested in working Z60A than 3Y0Z.

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