2018 and Telegraphy

This is one of a handful of reasons I am still active in Ham Radio. I am almost done with a history book on Telegraphy:

It reads like a college history book, not quite as entertaining as the biographies that I read before this, but a book that shows just how the time period covered has all kinds of parallels with today and the Internet, the FCC and Net Neutrality.

When I was a kid, I was a percussionist in Middle School and part of High School (before getting fully into Track and Cross Country), and I still love the rhythmic nature of CW. For me, its a musical instrument of sorts. I just love the fact that the author of this biography:

Prominently mentions how Amateur Radio Operators are keeping Telegraphy alive. I feel its a special skill on the wane (per a recent Clublog statistical trend report). While others may fully embrace FT8, that’s all well and good – but for me I think CW will always be my favorite mode. Part of this is because for 37 years I have been in front of a computer all day, so the basic dit and dah of a paddle or straight key offers what feels like “living history recreation”.

Funny thing, yesterday I found the marker for The Pony Express in Orinda. I already knew where the one is at in Lafayette, but its cool to see that the method of communication prior to Telegraphy ran right through these two Lamorinda towns that I have lived in for the last 22 years. And before that – I lived in San Francisco which was brimming with Telegraphy – especially during the Gold Rush Days.

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