Bike Commuting and the Grey Line

I sold my car last June because I have been riding my bike to and from work religiously for about 2 years.

The interesting thing is the correlation of grey line propagation and bike commuting. While I have great lights and flashers, I prefer to ride when there is still daylight. This is perfect for DXing too as I get to catch the grey line night and morning.

Part of my recent discovery of how the Cross Quarter Days affect propagation was listening for 3G9A and now Z60A and especially checking 20 and 17M. Then on the weekend, I found out exactly when and how the grey line changes during the time period Jan 15 or so to Feb 15 or so.

After 3Y0Z we will start with equinox conditions, and I need to pay close attention to ZS6CCY who is my test beacon on 40M.

Bike wise, the days get longer and I am not as “constrained” about when I can ride to and from work with daylight.

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