160M DXCC: #96 – JT5DX

The tower at WLW

OK, now I have only 4 left to go. This CQ 160M contest has netted 2 new ones, and the band is really superb these days. It absolutely has improved after a really lack luster and noisy Autumn. I can tell that the “switch” has flipped and that we are truly on the way to the bottom of the cycle.

You know, I just don’t care about #1 Honor Roll nearly as much as Top Band DX. I’ll trudge along with HR, but 160M is what really gives me joy DX wise. Once I get to 100, I can just work on my count – and I suspect that’s going to be the big “serious” DXing I will do – and none of it will have an award attached as a goal. It will be fun for fun’s sake and I am sure very “freeing”. The real award will be knowing I have a really good TX and RX antenna and that I can compete with the big boys from my postage sized lot.

You notice I like to post old radio towers – usually from AM broadcast stations. I do this to remind myself what a real Top Band TX antenna would look like – and then, when I work DX 11K miles away on Top Band(FT5ZM and VK0EK), it a very big deal.

With WLW, I was a BCB DXer with my Heathkit SW-717 SW Receiver that I built when I was 11 years old. So its Olde Tyme Radio – a real nostalgic trip!

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