DXing Changes Since 2001

Like the seasons changing, so has the ham radio sub genre of DXing. I started DXing in 2001 and saw quite a few innovations since then:

  1. Great improvements in radio design. The Ten Tec Orion, Elecraft and Flex gear all stand out in my mind
  2. Great improvements in antenna design. SteppIR and aluminum designs, plus low noise receiving antenna solutions
  3. Great improvements in Amplifier design, especially Solid State amplifiers. Elecraft, Ameritron and SPE stand out in my mind
  4. Different modes. FT8 by far stands out in my mind
  5. Different ways to DX. Remotes, while controversial are here to stay. I’ve made exactly ONE QSO using a remote so I could experience it and write an upcoming blog about. I’ll leave it up to other ham radio bloggers to discuss what they think is “ethical”. Since it’s just a hobby, I don’t care. But people in the ON4KST chat sure care
  6. Instant log uploads using sat phones. DXA and other basic uploading software is common today
  7. LOTW and Clublog – applying for DX awards and QSLing has never been easier, and even less expensive. The actual QSL Card is not quite as high profile as it used to be
  8. Home brewing has changed. There are fewer discreet component kits but more kits based on modular and even maker like designs
  9. The DXCC List and DXCC rules that govern the list have changed, but gladly, it has been a stable period. I’m more than happy that the days prior to 2001 are gone. It’s much harder to use your DX clout and lobby the ARRL to change the rules
  10. My attitude. The end of the era of me chasing DXCC is still months away, but I will continue to DX and do what I have always done – listen as an SWL 98% of the time and TX seldom. Do you know I only have 5000 QSOs in my log since 1973? My log includes 9BDXCC and Honor Roll and 2 away from #1 Honor Roll. Does this mean I’m really an SWLer?

Ok, that’s all I can think of while riding on BART to work today.

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