Advancing the Radio Art . . .

I am a low bander, a CW enthusiast and a home brewer. I got my license when I was 13 in 1973. I went to school and earned a Computer Science degree after my fathers friend plopped an IMSAI computer on our kitchen table in (I think 1976) in Newton, NJ – when I was WA2QHN. I was told to get into software and I did – and man has it been a wonderful 37 year career!

During VK0EK we did several things that rankled some DXers cockles. We had instant gratification that you were in the log with DXA, thanks to Pete, W6OP and Bob, KK6EK, we had auto-upload to Clublog and LOTW and also ran a remote demonstration station – VK0LD, thanks to Mike, KJ4Z. That’s when Mike and I knew you could do some kind of auto-remote station, which Mike calls a “DXpodition”. We had a rolling blog where you could get up to the minute news and we had Freshdesk as a support ticketing system with 10 Diablo DXers providing near real time support. Those were my contributions besides vetting the back office team, the radio team with Dave, K3EL and doing some fund raising.

I was the project manager, and the team was truly amazing.

Now, FT8, with its DXpedition mode seals the deal:

WHen I watch whats going on with 3Y0Z – the difficulty and the cost, I instantly think “This is it the last one”. But – the latest advances in technology are changing things forever as we speak. The horse is out of the barn and ain’t going back.

I welcome this because I can still play CW as the world races to FT8. The ham side of me says CW, but the career side of me says FT8, Remotes, and whatever else is new and “Advances The Radio Art” . . . .

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