Wellbrook ALA1530LNP and Cushcraft D40: This Weekend

I’m replacing the MFJ-1886 Loop with a second Wellbrook ALA1530LNP because the Wellbrook is very noticeably better than the MFJ. I was able to do weeks worth of daily night and early morning A B comparisons using a DX Engineering NCC-2, and there simply is no comparison – the higher gain and lower noise is very evident.

I’ve now worked 3 new one’s on 160M – EA8, JT5 and T88, and the loops through the NCC-2 were very much the key. Since the MFJ-1886 was weaker and noisier than the Wellbrook, I used a Palstar MW550P that I had to bring the MFJ level up to the Welbrook (gain wise but it was still nisier) – but I just sold it.

I am really excited about swapping the MFJ for the Wellbrook because the first Wellbrook loop that I have was doing all the work – so adding the second should make what is my best all time RX antenna situation even better.

I will be chasing 3Y0Z because I fully expect that they will at least have a couple stations on – they have a weather window right now that is as good as I think its going to get – and when I can’t hear them during mid day – I expect that’s when I will be out working on the antennas. I also will finish putting together the Cushcraft D40, and will swap the 20M yagi out for the D40 as soon as I work 3Y0Z on 20M. I do expect that 20M could be the first band I work them on – but maybe 40M – it will be very cool to see how this plays.

I expect this weekend to be absolutely insane, but this team is great and I expect propagation to be much better than Z60A – which has been very weak on the West Coast. I am guessing that I will need to “work from home” a couple days this coming week.


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