My “Post DXCC Phase” of DXing

I expect to get to 9BDXCC and 160M DXCC very soon, most likely by my birthday next month. I’m going to approach the last two that I need towards Honor Roll #1 in the way that makes most logical sense – that if it happens, cool, if it doesn’t, no worries. I fully expect that some members of the 3Y0Z Team will attempt to activate it in the future, because I know the drive of DXpedition leaders – Bob, KK6EK and I had postponed VK0EK twice if you remember. I was ready to throw in the towel at one point, but Bob convinced me to stick it out. These DXpedition leaders just don’t give up – its truly their “quest”. But 3Y0Z reminds me that these projects have risk, and while most happen, sometimes they get delayed.

For years I have been feeling like DXCC HR #1 is a ball and chain, and now, I don’t. Its a freeing thing, and it is cathartic to be re-arranging , my station and antennas for what is my post DXCC station. I will be a died in the wool low bander – 160 – 30M. I can get on the high bands, but with my Inverted L if I want to, but very soon even 20M is going to be closed for several years.

On the other hand, 160 and especially 80M are sounding more like 20M. 40M last night to ZS was awesome, and 40M will be the workhorse. I am putting the D40 up 60′ and will need to add the 30M wire and tune it.

I love my Elecraft K-Line. To me its the modern day Collins S-Line . . . 

I’m going back to my Elecraft K-Line and replacing the SPE amp with the KPA-500 and KAT-500. Once you go above 500 watts, you get maybe an S Unit gain, but the higher current and voltage have to be handled properly. I absolutely needed 1.5 KW to get through some pileups on my way to Honor Roll and to get to #1 HR, but because it will surely be years before Bouvet or Glorioso are activated, I am going to make believe I already have #1 HR. Who knows – I may be retired and living in a place that doesn’t allow antennas – or at least “serious” antennas, and so these last two could very well be made using a remote. I’ll take a couple “mulligans” at this point – just like amateur golfers do. I don’t need no stinkin’ badges – I have more than paid my DX Dues.

This also is very freeing, which is pretty much how I feel about remotes. They are legal now, and like FT8 – which has some of us old CW nuts balking at (I find CW much more fun than FT8, but FT8 is the only digital mode I like), everything has its place. I’ll leave the “ethics” of using a remote to the “DX Philosophers”. Me? I’m an Amateur Hobbyist. In fact, when I do make HR #1 I am not even going to order the plaque – the new ones are very boring. I’m glad I have the old Honor Roll plaque – its plain jane – but still better than the ones they now offer. My “numbers” in Clublog and LOTW will suffice.

My post DXCC DXing world will continue along the same lines as it has gone the last few years – more experimenting with Maker and antennas and antenna switching circuits, and fun on 160M, 40M and 30M especially. Because I heard 80M CW the other night open like I have never heard it before – I will go out and tune the LC circuit for the CW portion of the band.

“DX Tinkerer” is what I will be going forward!

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