40M Short Path Antenna Test (#1): DX Engineering DV-40-P for the Win!

The Winner of Test #1: The DX Engineering DV-40-P. This antenna beat a 40M ladder line doublet – so its not too surprising

To ZS on the evening Short Path, the DV-40-P there is no contest. Just like the 40M doublet I had up, the Cushcraft D40 pales in comparison, and by several S units at least. To JA on the morning Short Path, the two antennas are the same.

I have an even bigger respect for this DX Engineering DV-40-P phased array. It has been up over a year, and nothing seems to beat it. Its amazing for an antenna that is so easy to put up and that fits on a small suburban lot. While I don’t believe in “magic” antennas, this one performs beyond any of my initial expectations.

The Cushcraft D40. Because its 43 feet of aluminum, it would be very simple to remove the coils and use it as a 30M rotatable dipole. This will be my plan if the DXE DV-40-P keeps winning these tests

Its funny, but with my home brewed switched feed “bird house” on my Inverted L – that antenna also plays well on 160, 80 and 30M. So – verticals (with enough buried radials) can be GREAT DX antennas. Phase them and then see performance that has a much better ROI than say a huge tower and huge yagi.

I will run this test for a couple weeks and then see what happens. If I had to choose right now – The Cushcraft would come down and the phased vertical array would stay up.


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