Cushcraft D40 on 20M!

The Cushcraft D40 up to the LCA coil is a full half wavelength on the upper part of 17M. Besides 40M, I have found that it loads up nicely on 20 and 17M – I will try 15M tonight. I heard Z60A the best yet on this antenna this morning – but right as I started calling him he said QRX and then I had to go to work.

We are so close to the same conditions as 2008 – 2009, and I have been told that 2009 was an epic year on Top Band. I very, very much look forward to this – so much so – that now you understand why I have pretty much taken down any serious high band antennas in deference to the low bands. 160M has come roaring back since the beginning of the year and my dream of making DXCC and 9BDXCC is so close – just 2 away. At Christmas time I remember thinking it would take another year at the snails pace I had been at.

3Y0Z is a disappointment, but I fully plan on using a Remote IF Bouvet and Glorioso activate at the bottom of the cycle like FT5GA did. The local people who worked Glorioso in 2009 were those who ran over to W6YX, the Stanford Club station. I struggled and never heard them. My neighbor, W6NV offered his station that has a clear shot that direction, but I refused due to stubbornness. I won’t do that again! I will call the last two “Mulligans” just like those who went to another station did. But right now – and for the next several years, the only action is on the low bands. I am more than OK with this – I retire in 8 years, so maybe I will have the last couple saved for retirement! Most likely I will have Top of Honor Roll even before retirement.

Its good that the D40 works on the high bands – so I have something that is up high, in the clear, and has nice directionality. I don’t expect either Bouvet or Glorioso to be activated for at least 2 years – so I am burrowed in on the low bands these days.

I’d bet that most DXers gravitate to the low bands – or perhaps 6M – because of the “ultimate DX Challenge”. It does get really boring working stuff that is so easy on the high bands.


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